search it, son.

About Me

This is me. "Oh hey, cutie. You're lookin' pretty hawt today."
I'm deathly boring. Really, I still don't really know what you're doing here. 

But I do happen to like that you were curious about me. I'm flattered.

I also like what happens when you select a tab. It's sort of the only reason why I wanted to add one. It's like you've made an indention into the sky.

Anyway, uh, I sort of look like this... Kind of.

Except in real life I have a nose and a mouth... and eyebrows... and fingers. Oh, and boobs. I guess I sort of have those too.

I have a not-so-secret obsession with k-pop and John Green.
Cobra says, "Hi! Blub blub blub..."

I like pretending to be a writer, along with being cool.  I'm a bibliophile and an internet hermit. And I love my fish.

Sammy says, "Yna's the coolest!"
His name is Cobra, and he's a cutie. 

This is my best friend Sammy. I love her too. She's also cute.

High waisted shorts and dresses with pockets make me happy. You make me happy, too. Lets be friends. Hug?


Also, if you're up for it. I like to hang around this place. You can explore as much as you'd like.


  1. Wow! You're really hot~ But you know who's REALLY hot? That friend of yours. PHEW.

  2. I think Yna's hotter, actually...

    1. Nobody asked you, Carrie Rose. Who ARE you, anyway? What kind of name is Carrie?